Our pricing model is simple:

No matter the size of your store, we charge a flat rate of

10% + 30c*

per order that customers place through your store.

*Minimum monthly cost is $30


  • Unlimited products

    There's no limit to how many products you can host in your store.

  • Unlimited users

    Invite as many team managers, players, and administrators as you want at no extra cost.

  • Online store for merchandise

    Increase your club's revenue by offering merchandise through an online store.

  • Store reporting

    Get up to date reports on inventory, total sales, sales by team, sales by product ... the list goes on!

  • Access to store management portal

    It's easy to manage and keep an eye on your store using our management portal.

  • Private store for team kit by invitation only

    You can invite your team members to have access to exclusive team gear or merchandise.

  • Team kit allocation

    Allocating gear to teams means there's no confusion about which team gets which shirt.

  • Accounting software integration for instant reconciliation

    We have integrations with all major accounting software, so reconciliation happens at the click of a button.

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